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Celebrating Resilience: 5 Years of Entrepreneurial Journey with The Trompeter Team

Reflecting on the Trompeter Team's 5-year journey fills us with immense pride and gratitude. What began as a mere concept in 2018 has flourished into a thriving enterprise marked by significant growth, invaluable learning, and experiences that have profoundly shaped us as entrepreneurs.

In the early days, we laid the foundation of our very first office, a milestone that was both challenging and exhilarating. This step was soon followed by the expansion into a second space, capturing the attention of industry titans like Ryan Serhant. Our journey, from humble beginnings to where we stand today, is a narrative we're eager to share.

Initially comprising 12 agents, an assistant, and our first marketing expert, our team's entrepreneurial zeal has propelled us to more than double in size. This growth, while thrilling, has been accompanied by its fair share of work, stress, and remarkable experiences. 2018 was dedicated to building our first office, a venture that demanded significant investment from our savings. Despite the financial strain and my efforts to personally design numerous aspects, the dream Mark and I envisioned kept us moving forward.

Mark Trompeter, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and Enrique Napoles
Feb 8th, 2018. Graham Sy, Enrique Napoles, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and Mark Trompeter

The grand opening of February 8th, 2019, marked a stellar year for our business, only for 2020 to present unprecedented challenges with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, we persevered, not only surviving the subsequent two years but also managing to expand our office and team. Just when we thought we had overcome the worst, 2023 brought about the lowest housing inventory in three decades and high-interest rates, as The Real Deal magazine reported. This year tested our resilience, but the life of an entrepreneur is all about adapting, pivoting, and preparing for tough times.

As we celebrate our 5th anniversary, we're filled with gratitude, hope, and optimism. These sentiments fuel our determination to continue our journey in 2024 and beyond, embracing whatever challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

Enrique Napoles & Mark Trompeter